Best Michael Jai White Fight Scenes: Michael Jai White,

Holding black belt ranks in multiple martial arts including three styles of Karate (Shotokan, Goju-Ryu, & Kyokushin), Wushu, Kobudo, Taekwondo, and Tang Soo Do, his broad background is comparable to other diversified contemporaries like Donnie Yen and Scott Adkins. His first major role was in 1997’s Spawn portraying the eponymous character (as the first African American actor to play as a big budget major superhero) and later on moved to star in the martial arts comedy Black Dynamite and cult martial arts films Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing and Blood and Bone while making cameos in bigger films like The Dark Knight as a mob boss.
1991: True Identity
1994: Ring of Fire 3: Lion Strike
1995: Tyson
1996: Shaughnessy: The Iron Marshal
1997: City of Industry
1997: Spawn
1998: Spawn 2
1998: Thick as Thieves
1998: Ringmaster
1999: Mutiny
1999: Breakfast of Champions
1999: Universal Soldier: The Return
2000: Freedom Song
2001: Exit Wounds
2002: Trois 2: Pandora’s Box
2004: Justice
2004: Silver Hawk
2005: Getting Played
2006: Undisputed II: Last Man Standing
2007: Why Did I Get Married?
2008: The Dark Knight
2009: Three Bullets
2009: Black Dynamite
2009 Blood and Bone
2010: Mortal Kombat: Rebirth
2010: Why Did I Get Married Too?
2011: Tactical Force
2011: Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown
2012: El Gringo
2012: Somebody’s Child
2012: We the Party
2012: Freaky Deaky
2012: The Philly Kid
2014: Android Cop
2014: Skin Trade
2014: Falcon Rising
2015: Chain of Command
2015: Chocolate City
2016: The Wizards Hunter: The Hunt for Evangelion Crowley
2016: The Asian Connection
2016: Vigilante Diaries
2016: Never Back Down: No Surrender


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