Wushu Elementary Changquan Routine 3 32 forms – Long Fist 长拳

Wushu Elementary Changquan Routine 3 32 forms
Chángquán simplified Chinese: 长拳; traditional Chinese: 長拳; pinyin: Chángquán; literally: Long Fist – refers to a family of external
as opposed to internal martial arts – kung fu styles from northern China. The forms of the Long Fist style emphasize fully extended kicks and striking techniques, and by appearance would be considered a long-range fighting system. In some Long Fist styles the motto is that “the best defense is a strong offense,” in which case the practitioner launches a preemptive attack so aggressive that the opponent doesn’t have the opportunity to attack.

Name of changquan movement
Commencing movements
1 Empty stance and palm turning
2 Putting feet together and palms together.

Section 1
1 Bow stance and punch
2 Snap kick and punch
3 Horse stance and punch
4 Bow stance and punch
5 Snap kick and punch
6 Giant leap
7 Bow stance and slap
8 Horse stance and palm block

Section 2
1 Empty stance and palm punch
2 Knee-lifting and piercing palm
3 Squatting stance and piercing palm
4 Empty stance and tilt palm
5 Horse stance and slap
6 Splitting stance and double waving palm
7 Bow stance and slap
8 Turning kick, horse stance and hook elbowing

Section 3
1. Resting stance and swinging hammer strike
2. Squatting stance and palm turning
3. Bow stance and fist hack
4. Shifting and jumping step, bow stance and punch.
5. Horse stance and punch
6. Bow stance and downward punch
7. Splitting stance, palm turning and side kick
8. Empty stance and tilt punch.

Section 4
1. Bow stance and elbowing
2. Turning and left slap kick
3. Right slap kick.
4. Jump front kick
5. Resting stance and downward punch
6. Squatting stance and swinging hammer strike
7. Knee lifting and tilt palm
8. Knee lifting, palm hack, bow stance and punch

Finishing movements
1. Empty stance and palm turning
2. Putting the feet together and palm together
Finishing move chang quan

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